Sleep and Recovery

Massage Lorne & Massage Anglesea - Tired Rest Stop Being a keen cyclist myself, I know how important recovery & sleep for my body is to repair.

But how much sleep do we need.??

Most us lead busy lives, it’s important to think less about fitting training around work, and more about fitting life around recovery.

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Alcohol, Training, Recovery during the Silly Season

Massage Lorne & Massage Anglesea - Alcohol and TrainingIts that time of the year again in Australia, temperatures rise, people make their way to our wonderful coastline and many of us get out on our bike, surfboard, take a run, swim, hike etc.

Because the country is slowing down with school holidays and many places of work closing, we have more spare time and do more of the activity we love!

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The Iliopsoas Muscle

Massage Lorne & Massage Anglesea - Iliopsoas MuscleThe Iliopsoas Muscle or psoas muscle would have to be one of my favourite muscles.

Location: It is the only muscle that connects the upper body to lower body.

It is the keystone of a balanced well–organized body, so when the psoas is tight there is a many physical conditions that are connected to its issues, such as lower back pain, hip pain, groin pain, bladder problems, constipation, poor circulation, leg length discrepancy, scoliosis, bad menstrual cramps and many more issues.

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The Perfect Christmas Gift - Massage by Sue Theodore

Massage Lorne & Massage Anglesea - Gift VoucherChoosing a gift for someone is always difficult when the festive season comes around

And what better way to take the burden off yourself by grabbing one of our Gift Vouchers!
You can purchase vouchers direct from Sue Theodore on 0409 420 200
They can be either for a 1/2 hour or 1 hour treatment for...

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